Jackdaw is an award-winning production company cobbled together by Joseph Brett and Rebecca Boey. 

We like flat, bleak comedy with plenty of squirm, we love a bit of sci-fi, and we fear the creeping darkness. You will find all of this in our work.

We work together from our Tottenham studio, with collaborators and alone. 

Our favourite people turn up again and again in our work, and we are very grateful to them. 



Why the bird?

The humble jackdaw may not be the most intelligent of the corvus family*, but it is certainly the most resourceful.

Jackdaws know what it means to beg, borrow, steal. If you are a sheep, you've probably lent wool to a passing jackdaw - they like to pluck it directly from the sheep's back for maximum freshness, helpfully shearing the sheep at the same time.  

Our attitude to getting things done is much like the jackdaw's: we improvise, we make do and mend, we cruise around nicking from skips, and we borrow from friends. We also lend to those friends so everyone is happy. 

*Mind you, the corvus family sets its bar very high when it comes to smartness. The entire clan is in Ravenclaw. What we're saying is, we didn't mean to imply the jackdaws are in any way not intelligent.