Episode 1 - the crane

Greg busts out a karate move to see off some local troublemakers.

Episode 2 - Sucky Sucky

Thrilling as Greg’s carrot-chopping is, cameraman Tim is more interested in the details of Michelle’s date last night

Episode 3 - Sugar Daddy

Richard secures himself a Mandarin teacher, and a passer-by gets an egging that may have been meant for Greg.

Episode 4 - Upside Down

It’s Simon’s night off, and there is excitement in the takeaway when a character falls off the wall.

Episode 5 - Yellow Fever

Michelle gets sartorial advice from Simon before heading off on another date.


The Interviewer is very intrigued by Grace’s ‘man-friend’.

EPISODE 7 - Call the Triad

Enough is enough for Simon when he narrowly misses a bag of chips to the head.

EPISODE 8 - The Dragons of Death

The triad boys confront their tormentors.

Episode 9 - Prawn Crackers

When a posh new restaurant opens up nearby, Greg compensates with prawn cracker-based generosity.

Episode 10 - The Audition

Grace has an audition for a Eurasian part in a new sitcom. Could things be changing for the better for East Asian onscreen representation?

Episode 10 - Healthy

Zoe and Leanne just want a healthy Asian meal but the takeaway staff aren’t being very helpful.

Episode 12: Mandarin

Richard’s Mandarin is improving under Michelle’s expert tutelage.

Episode 13 - Sunday Dinner

Guest written by Daniel York Loh

Greg shows the film crew a good time at his house.

Episode 14: Gentrification

The area is changing fast, but for Greg it feels like the 70s all over again.

Episode 15: Hungry Ghost

Greg appeases hungry spirits but the girls have other ideas.

Ep 16: The Beginning of the Fucking End

Grace gets some exciting news.

Ep 17: Szechuan Palace

Greg and Niamh visit the new restaurant, leaving Michelle and Simon to run the takeaway on their own.

Episode 18 : Grateful

Simon has a lot to be grateful for, and Greg takes action.

Episode 19 : Phoenix

Greg considers the future.


the end! or is it?